Landscape Design & Plantings
Is it time to consider a fresh look, more colorful flower beds or seasonal display? Whether you've just built your dream home or you're looking to update your existing home, we custom design and install seasonal or year-round planting programs to enhance your home's appearance. A landscape environment is more than plants and grass. A professionally designed landscape plan adds value to your home by increasing the usefulness of your property, turning problem areas into potentials, and most importantly adding new interest and excitement. A master plan becomes a valuable tool when deciding the future of your landscape. A professional plan saves money in the long run, by eliminating costly "re-dos". We can even work with the homeowner to schedule the installation in stages to meet your budget. Let us help you create a unique and desirable landscape to fit your lifestyle.

Landscape Installation & Construction
We combine functional and aesthetic features to create the atmosphere of an area. Use of boulders or stone material can be just the needed addition to enhance a seemingly flat lawn where bursts of flowers spill over the edges. Such elements as flagstone pathways, arbors, and retaining walls add to the usefulness and beauty of your home. Perhaps it's time to add an expanded patio or create a pleasant sitting area for relaxation.
Call today to add elements that will make the most of your landscape environment.

An irrigation system is a great investment for your landscape. A professionally designed and installed system will efficiently manage water consumption while providing the correct amount of moisture for healthy plants and turf. Automatic irrigation saves time and money by reducing plant loss and maintenance labor.
Give yourself a break! Enjoy the improved appearance of your landscape and increase its long term viability.Call us to discuss designing, installing, and maintaining an irrigation system for your home.

Water Features
Stimulate the senses! Waterscapes add a special allure to any property. The sight and sound of water always draws attention. Transform an existing pond into a centerpiece by adding a majestic fountain or convert a slow stream into a vibrant battling brook. Even sites without water can be redesigned to include the soothing sounds of a waterfall, or a beautiful reflecting pond.
Call today and ask us about the exciting potential of Waterscaping your home.

Landscaping Lighting
Realize your full landscape investment potential with landscape illumination. Get twice the impact from your landscape by enjoying it at night!
Think of the extra benefit your property will receive when people recognize it by the visual effect it portrays at night. The addition of landscape illumination does more than make your home attractive and visible, it provides an added bonus of increased security and safety; two very important considerations.
Let us help you see your home in a new light.

You may also want to ask about economical maintenance plans or annual check-ups. Even low-maintenance landscapes need occasional pruning or shaping- but that doesn't mean you have to do it!
We will gladly work with you to keep your landscape in top condition.

Contact us today and let Nature by Design create a desirable landscape to fit your lifestyle.

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